How To Build A Pallet Wall

Let’s talk about why my new pallet wall is the best Mother’s Day gift Brandon has given me to date. Over the last 12 years, he has worked hard to study me. Who I am. How I tick. What pushes my buttons, and what just doesn’t do it for me. I’m so glad to have a guy who refuses to get complacent when it comes to our relationship.

For instance, he knows that my primary love language since having kids has changed from Quality Time to Acts of Service, with Touch still coming in second place. Seriously, if you want to tell me you love me, don’t tell me. Show me. Don’t use words. Use actions. Clean something, or build something for crying out loud! Gifts don’t tickle my fancy. So going out to pick a present for me at the mall is nice and all, but I’d honestly rather you not. Brandon’s figured this out, and that is why our conversation on the Saturday before Mother’s Day went like this:

Brandon: Babe, so….tomorrow’s Mother’s Day, huh?

Me: Yeah, it is.

Brandon: I’ve been kind of busy with work. I haven’t gotten you anything yet.

Me: I figured as much. It’s no big deal.

Brandon: But I do have this whole afternoon free and will be happy to knock out a special project for you!

Me: You’ve hit the nail on the head, babe! I’ve got the perfect project for you.


I had seen a beautiful pallet wall at a friend’s house, and had been envisioning my own for the bonus room. Up until now, our bonus room is basically just a big room with lots of toys, a large tv that sits on an IKEA shelving unit, our very first couch set that my parents bought us for our wedding gift, and berber carpet that has seen better days. The walls are barely painted, the decor doesn’t all fit together yet. But my vision for the room has included this pallet wall that should help inspire me to get the rest of the room back on track.

I had been collecting old pallets for a while, and had disassembled them, cleaned and sanded them, and painted some of the boards. Thankfully, this was already done, and the actual planning and assembling of the pallet wall was finished in about 5 hours.

How To Build A Pallet Wall

How To Build A Pallet Wall 1

Collect Your Pallets. I have an entire post dedicated to various ways you can get your hands on these little (sometimes big) gems. Determine approximately how many you will need based on how big your wall is and taking an average pallet board is 3 inches wide. A wide board is usually 6 inches.We used roughly 135 boards for a space that was

Disassemble and prep your pallet boards.  I used a sawzall to cut through the nails and release the boards from the base. If you want to do it this way and need more instructions, check out my post on how to disassemble a pallet I had put some of the pallets out in the sun for a couple of months beforehand, and they had greyed out and gotten aged looking. I sanded each board, and cleaned it off. Some of the boards were too new looking, so I grabbed some paint colors that complemented my decor in the room, and slapped the paint on them. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and that is fine with me, because I’m not precise. That’s why shabby chic suits me so well. Once the paint is dry, you can go over it again with the sander to give it an aged look.

Mock It Up.This is an optional step, but we would highly recommend it.
We decided to lay out the boards ahead of time to make sure we liked the placement of each board. We measured the wall, and made a blueprint of sorts of the wall, window, and outlets. Then, we grabbed our kids’ sidewalk chalk and drew it out to scale on the driveway according to the plan. From there we were able to lay the boards out and figure out what we liked and didn’t like before we nailed them on the wall.IMG_4835


Be a Stud Finder. Find and mark the studs (Brandon said I’m already good at this–wink, wink). Use a stud finder, or any other method of finding your studs, and make a straight line from top to bottom that you can use as a guide when nailing in your boards. Make sure to use your level so that your lines are straight, and these boards are getting nailed into something that can hold them. It’s important that they do so the wall can handle the added weight of all the wood you’re nailing to it.

Stud Lines

Grab Your Nail Gun and Get To It!  This is the fun part, and if you have already laid out your boards on the ground, it should be pretty easy. Starting at the top, we went row by row, and simply picked up the pieces in a specific order, then took them upstairs, and nailed them on the wall to the studs.

Have Your Saw Ready, Too. Of course, some pieces needed to be cut to fit properly. For that, we used our chop saw. Remember to measure twice and cut once! Brandon used the “blueprint” to measure out which boards needed to be cut to accommodate the outlets.

Sit Back and Grin Goofily At What You’ve Made. It’s beautiful! It’s rustic, with tons of charm! You love different colors of the pallets. You love how it makes your room feel bigger yet cozier. You are amazed that you did this! Without having to hire a professional and spend tons of cash! In fact, you may have only spent a few bucks on some nails if you already had the tools! Way to go, you! Now enjoy the heck out of your pallet wall! Take a goofy selfie in front of it and post it for the whole world to see!

Goofy selfie pallet wall kiss

P.S. Guys, if you just made this for your wife to speak her love language, get ready because she may be extra, ahem, thankful for it!