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I’m Nicole Berry, but you can call me by my nickname, Coley.

I’m so glad to get an opportunity to connect with you on my website!


Coleyberry.com is a place where I like to encourage folks to re-love their lives. Specifically, I write about falling in love again with faith, family, and furniture (or DIY projects).

Who I’m Blogging For

I inspire people young and old, single and married, with or without children to make the most of the season they are in while preparing themselves for what’s next. Whether you’re a single gal hoping to be married one day, a wife or husband looking for some encouragement on how to love your spouse, a mom who needs to connect with someone who understands the craziness of her season, or a daughter walking through the valley of the shadow of death with an ill parent, I hope you will find yourself saying, “she gets me” on this site.

What I Blog About

I write about:



*Being a Ministry Wife

*Re-loving Furniture

Why I Blog

Belonging Is Important to Everyone. Each person I connect with wants to feel understood, included and accepted for who she is and where she’s at in life. I seek to bring people together who may feel alone and need to know that there are others like them who struggle, who succeed, who fail, but who just keep moving forward.

Everyday Is An Opportunity to Learn and Grow. As a wife and a mom, the mundane moments are what God often uses to teach me about Himself. Blogging and interacting with readers allows me to share these truths and learn from others who have the same passions and priorities. Together, we grow as women, wives, moms, and children of God through this, and our families, churches and communities all win in return.

About My Family

I’ve been happily married to my holy hottie husband, Brandon, since July 2005. Together, we have ridden the waves of the good, the bad, and the ugly. While every day hasn’t been rainbows and roses between us, we’ve learned how to overcome the hard times together, and that allows me to understand those of you experiencing the same.berry_mini-18

I’m mommy to four beautiful daughters, Ella, Allie, Caroline and Kate. Parenting multiple small children isn’t always the easiest job in the world, but it sure provides plenty of teachable moments and entertainment. What I’ve learned from it, I’m happy to pass along to you on or about to embark on similar journeys. berry_mini-15

We also have an honorary daughter named Elliott. She came to live with our family in 2012 and is now in college but living “at home”. God’s been teaching me a lot through this season of having her be a part of our family, and while keeping the details of circumstances leading up to her living with us private, I feel like I can encourage others who are looking to positively support a young person before they are launched into the real world. 18-IMG_2833

I grew up an only child, a former latch-key kid whose parents worked hard to provide what they didn’t have in life. After achieving worldly success, my mother walked through a life-altering diagnosis which changed her outlook on life, God, and priorities. The five years between diagnosis and death were some of the hardest, but most significant and precious of our lives. Dealing with the grief of a terminal-illness and subsequent death of a parent is something I know all too well, but I’ve also experienced what I call the “hammock of grace” in which God held me during those times and even until now as I process my loss.

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Brandon and I planted Redemption Charlotte in January 2012. Redemption is an awesome, multicultural church “where many become one” in God. We are currently portable, and meet in a high school, which is an adventure in itself. I love being a pastor’s wife, but have fought hard against the box that title wants to put me in.

I love calling Charlotte, NC my city, and I’m all about dating my husband, cooking & eating fabulous food, exercising, traveling, and practicing my “gift of Goodwill” aka thrift shopping.

How You Can Connect with Me

I love connecting and interacting with my readers. As a wife, mom, daughter and pastor, sometimes life gets a little hairy, and it may take me a hot second to get back to you, but I promise to try to respond as soon as I can! Here are the best ways to connect with me:

Blog Comments- I really appreciate your thoughts and comments on my blog posts, and I try to respond to each of them.

Email- I’m still into checking my email multiple times a day, and would love to converse via this time-tested avenue of communication. Shoot me an email, and let’s chat!

Facebook- Who doesn’t have FB these days? Send me a message on my Facebook page, and let’s be friends!

Instagram- For more candid pics of what life is like in the Berry fam, check out my Instagram.

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